Here are some testimonials by my awesome clients!

“I tried doing my own graphics for my Twitter site and couldn’t get it right, so I searched for some help. That is how I found Pauline and the TwelveSkip web site. I was impressed with her design and found her offer reasonable so I thought I would take a chance. I am glad I did.

The process could not have been more efficient if she was right down the street. I love how the pieces of my existing brand were put together in a new way.

Along the way she kept me updated on the process and was there to help after we went live. I ended up sending her a few more images to update after my 5 banners were complete.” – President of Micro Manufacturing Systems, William R. Elder

Pauline and her team has helped my business tremendously! I was drowning in work and didn’t really have time with social sharing so my posts weren’t getting seen as much as it should. Once I started using Pauline’s VA services I started seeing immediate traffic, sales, and my monthly income has been growing. Now I can focus on writing my posts and having more time with my family. Thanks Pauline and Team! – Blogger, Louida

“If you are an active blogger, an online small business owner, or a social media enthusiast in our heavily digitized world, it would be foolish not to take advantage of the services provided by a skilled Virtual Assistant (VA). Pauline Cabrera is a superlative and brilliant VA.

Before I signed up with her team, I was overwhelmed yet skeptical about using VAs; I wanted someone who writes well and someone I could trust to do a stellar job. I needed a right hand go-to person who understood how things work in digital media.

Pauline is an expert at using the Internet. She writes and teaches others about it, and has a savvy team that will get you back on your feet, and help you achieve your online goals. She has not disappointed me and, I can assure you, she won’t disappoint you.

Her services will relieve you of the workload and allow you to spend more time with friends and family. It is worth the investment for your success.” – Blogger, Elizabeth Obih-Frank

“I had the pleasure of working with Pauline on several design projects and found her to be absolutely amazing! She worked super fast and displayed the critical attention to detail that I value above all other things. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fresh eye and perfect outcome.”
– Hollywood Screenwriter and Producer, Mylo Carbia

“I hired Pauline a few weeks back to help me out with my blog while I went on vacation. From past experience I knew what could happen to my blog’s rankings by just one week away and I didn’t want that to happen again. It was great not to have to worry while I was away and I could focus on just being with my family. Pauline was very personable yet professional and easy to work with and I absolutely will use her VA services again in the future!”
– Mommy Blogger, Heather Jones

I recently hired Geeky VA to assist with my various social media accounts, and Pauline and her team have been fabulous! The professional, and timely service they provide is what keeps me coming back month after month, and allows me to be present in my families lives. Pauline is attentive, and readily available to answer all questions and completes all tasks in a timely fashion. I recommend small business owners, digital influencers etc to work with GeekyVA on all their website, social media needs. – Blogger, Geanine CilentiPetrags

“I have hired Geeky VA to do a bunch of social media management for me this month, and it has been an EXCELLENT experience. This is something I can definitely say I will continue to do next month as Geeky VA is so quick to answer my questions and does everything exactly how I need it to be done- and quickly!! Definitely recommend Geeky VA to anyone needing a well-priced, quality VA.” – Blogger and Designer, Chelsea Olivia

“Hiring Pauline to create a custom Twitter header for me was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. She’s friendly, creative, talented, and always answered my questions in a timely fashion. Best of all, she created a design for my Daddy Doin’ Work page that I absolutely love. If you’re in need of a custom Twitter header, you’d be insane not to hire Pauline. I will recommend her services to everyone I know!” – Author & Public Speaker, Doyin Richards

“Pauline was amazing and I would definitely recommend her. She was fast to respond to email, and began the transfer promptly. We did run into a few snags, and she dealt with them quickly and efficiently. I was worried, but she was calm and professional. She is a wealth of knowledge and has greatly improved my site with the recommendations she gave. Unless you are technically savvy and have a lot of time on your hands, it’s much easier and faster to have Pauline navigate the transfer for you!” – Mom Blogger, Shannon Wijnker

“I had the pleasure of working with Pauline to design the Twitter cover image for my personal Twitter page (@NealSchaffer). I have worked with graphic designers before, but it was so refreshing to work with someone who excels at project managements, understood what I was looking for, and went out of her way to ensure that I was 100% completely satisfied with her work. Before working with Pauline, I had been a big fan of her blogging and sharing of her expertise with the world. If you are interested in working with a unique talented graphic designer who has a deep understanding of social media marketing, Pauline should be the first person you contact.” – Social Media Strategy Consultant, Neal Schaffer

“Pauline provided some high quality artwork for my various social media networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+). I was impressed with her level of detail and her commitment to the project. She listened and implemented my requests, but was also very creative which was exactly what I wanted. A great person to work with!” – Social Media Consultant & Trainer, Ian Anderson Gray

“I found Pauline through her blog and was immediately impressed with her work. Seeing her twitter header designs reminded me that I needed one. At first I considered going on Fiverr and getting a twitter header for $5. But the designs the Fiverr vendors offered were not on the same level as that of Pauline. Not even close. So I decided not to play around with my personal brand and ordered a twitter header from her. The results were as expected – a clean and elegant design I am proud of. And to top that, Pauline was quick and courteous. All in all … a grade A vendor which I’ll recommend to others and use again myself.” – Programer & Marketer, YoavEzer

“Awesome service! Pauline was not only a professional but a good friend too. She was always on top of everything and she’s managed to do the job in a fraction of the time other web designers usually spend on this. Top notch!” – Lifestyle and Parenting Blogger, Petro Neagu

“Pauline was super helpful and went above and beyond helping me my blog. I really appreciate all her help to make sure everything was transferred perfectly.” – Travel Blogger, Alexandra Canedo