8 Tips For Hiring The Right Virtual Assistant For Your Business


So you’re finally considering a virtual assistant, but you’re not sure how or where to start. Almost everybody has been raving about how convenient it is to hire virtual assistants (VA). Many business owners run out of words to describe how much VA’s have helped them with their daily load. What you should not read […]

What Is A Virtual Assistant? How Can They Help My Business?


A virtual assistant is a freelancer who does a variety of tasks normally done by personal or admin assistants. As contractors these people work offsite, usually from home. They provide their own equipment and workspace, and only ask to be paid for the service they render, whether it is on piece rate or hourly basis. […]

Why Hire GeekyVA To Boost Your Traffic, Comments and Social Shares


Virtual assistants have many advantages over onsite employees: they don’t occupy office space, they don’t use office supplies and resources, they don’t require a lot of paperwork, they don’t need social security and health insurance, and they are paid only for the time they need to work. Perhaps that is why hiring virtual assistants are […]