All Around VA

Do you sometimes feel like the jack of all trades at your business? Are you hesitant to delegate tasks to others? There is nothing wrong with this but if you try to micro-manage every single thing and keep from relying on others, it’ll stress you out sooner or later.

The answer? A virtual assistant or VA for short. VAs abound in the market especially with the surfacing of cheap technology and internet connections. You can present your terms and choose to work with one or more individuals from a pool of people that hail from all around the world.

By getting a Virtual Assistant, you get to unload all the routine, meager or simply boring tasks and focus on the things you love.

List of the things we can do:

  • Graphic design
  • Website planning / designing / setup / tweaking / fixing
  • Keyword research
  • Blog posts amplification (formatting, editing, etc.)
  • Social media management (setup, optimization, promoting, posting, interacting, scheduling, monitoring, etc.)
  • ON-Site SEO
  • Word processing
  • Paypal integration
  • Content creation
  • Blog / social media commenting
  • Google analytics reporting
  • Data entry

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