I’m here to help YOU get things done and make your business pop even more!

Who I Am

My name is Pauline Cabrera, a freelance web designer and digital strategist based in Ontario, Canada.

I have a passion for designing beautiful and functional websites. I am in love with internet marketing. I love fixing websites. I love organizing stuff in the computer. I like sharing and teaching other people about what I know. I love building websites and making them grow. And I guess that’s what makes me a geek!

My mission is to continue to grow and develop as a web designer and digital strategist while helping busy entrepreneurs grow their businesses online.

Who I Work With

Bloggers, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs who are interested in…

  • Growing their online presence
  • Starting a website where you can sell your services and/or products
  • Starting a business blog and need a roadmap
  • Creating or keeping a strong presence on major social media networks

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