6 Major Reasons Why You Should Blog For Your Business

If you have decided to put up a business, it is all about getting revenue and at the same time helping out the people around you benefit from the business.

Building a business needs a lot of planning, preparation, feasibility study and of course money. That was the old school way of putting up a business. You have to have tons of dollars to make sure that your business will succeed.

Nowadays, putting up a business of your own can be as easy as reciting the alphabet. I am not referring to the actual process of going to government agencies asking for permits and other requirements but the simple process of setting up a small scale business.

Setting up a business can already be done online. It’s just like when you were selling a glass of lemonade for a dollar during that hot summer day.

The problem with small scale businesses (or even medium to large case businesses) is that your business needs loyal clients! How can you get loyal clients? How can you even get clients to know you in the first place?

With large businesses who have established a name, marketing a product is still a large part of their game plan. They still have to spend thousands of dollars to make their product or service known through different channels of media like newspapers, television, radio, internet and more.

Marketing a product is still as important as making quality product.

Marketing your product (this reminds clients about your products) should always be a part of your business game plan!

Now, for businesses who have plenty of money to spend on ads they can easily put up a campaign in different media channels to make their product known and remind the consumers about them. For small scale business, you have to market your product or service in a more cost effective and yet reliable way which is BLOGGING.

Why should you blog for your business?

Is there really a need for blogging about the business that you have, do you really need to use this form of media to get your business noticed?

Here are some top reasons why you should use blogging as a means of making your business known.

1. Blogging is a cost efficient way of making your business known

For small scale businesses (and even large scale businesses), word of mouth is still the best form of advertisement. It cost nothing at all and at the same time, you get your business known by people who have a firsthand experience of your product.

In the internet world, this is done through blogging. People who like (or dislike) your product would probably post it online through their twitter, facebook, intagram accounts. They can talk about your business in a more personal level, and because they have exposed your business in this personal level, people who will see this would know and believe them more than looking at paid commercials.

The trend nowadays is for people to look at reviews, blogs, vlogs, and the like for certain product reviews. What are the pros and cons of buying a product? What makes a product worth buying? With just a click of a button through searching online, people have instant access to any information about a business.

If you are able to blog about your product, you get to engage clients and potential clients in a personal level. This gets loyal customers. This gets revenue. Never underestimate the power of blogging.

People nowadays are smarter than looking at what commercials on TV say about a certain product. They would rather trust a product which was reviewed by an actual client than look at that ad that says all praises about the product, which leads us to the second point.

2. Blogging is informational

Yes, you can catch the attention of a client with a juicy flaming burger commercial topped with onion rings and drinks on the side. This will definitely make your neurons react for about a couple of seconds. The image of a commercial that is like this is very powerful. But, then again, this is just a momentary effect on the client.

What people like about blogging is that it is informational. Information that you get can be funny, educational, exciting, shocking and what not.

Expect the unexpected in blogging.

Information you get from blogging could also be boring. So, better make sure that what you blog about is something that really is worthwhile looking at.

At the same time, you give your company a voice. A blog is where people talk and exchange ideas. You get to share what you think is best about your product and service.

Your clients also get to interact with you in so many different levels. You can promote new products. You can post new trends in the market. You should also even share future plans of the company to make your brand’s personality be felt by people reading your blog.

The blogosphere is a two way traffic where you not only give information about your business but clients can also suggest certain improvements about your products or services which can actually help you succeed more in your business.

3. You get loyal clients

The blog is an informal channel where you get to communicate with your clients on a regular and casual manner.

A blog like this will make clients feel more at home not just with your product but with the company who carries the product.

Customers will enjoy going back and forth your blog and get to know you more as a company and in turn you educate them about your company and promote your products as well.

This is the “word of mouth” method that has been happening in the digital age. People will share about your company and your blog through their circle of friends and even their own blogs as well.

Marketing you and your product seems endless! IF you get that connection with your clients.

Once you do, you get loyal customers who will not just go back to you again and again but promote you without you even paying a single dime for an ad. That is the best way to make your business successful.

Getting loyal clients who spread the word are the best kind of clients that you can dream of. You catch them by being informal and personal with them. How? Through your blog!

4. You make your product or service available worldwide

Even though your business is just a small business in a small country in your state, or a small business somewhere in the outskirts of New York, you will get your business known all over the world through blogging.

The internet has opened this possibility. Thank you internet!

The web is literally at your fingertips and all you need to do is harness that limitless potentiality.

Yes, your business might be a hit in your small town. Your neighbors, family and friends might have been talking about your product in your small town but you are only a hit in that small town. You can expand your success by using the internet.

People already might have been blogging about your company. People already might have been talking good things about you. Why not create your own business blog so that you can participate in the conversation.

You can make your thoughts known and people will appreciate you, as an individual and a company, if you have a business blog of your own.

This will make you known not just in certain small circles but throughout the whole world, literally anyone who has internet.

The tricky part is how you can let them see you.

There are tons of ways to let anyone and everyone see your blog. There’s SEO, affiliate marketing, or other means of promoting your blog.

The point is: You are already available to be seen all over the world. Expect the unexpected when you harness this power of the internet.

5. You get to write on what you love

On the personal side, you get to write about what you love.

You can also make your employees write in your blog site. Writing about what you love will inspire people, even your employees, to become the best that they can in business.

Blogging about your company and your products makes clients know that you are dedicated to your business which creates trust.

If people trust your company and your product, they will buy from you. You will benefit from this blogging endeavor not just in a short term but in the long term as well.

Writing about what you love about your business will not just make the business more personal but succeed.

6. Blogging helps drive more traffic to your website

Business wise, you make more people visit your site. More traffic to your website means more leads. More leads mean that you already have established yourself as an authority in the business world.

Having a blog for your business is not the only marketing strategy to promote your site but this is the most cost efficient and effective way to interact, promote, introduce products, and be known to your clients.

By establishing this kind of reputation in the blogging industry, you will certainly be able to generate traffic to your site. With the help of certain tools available to promote blogging, you can direct traffic to your main website in no time. Be patient though, because the first 3 months would be crucial to establishing a good business blog.

Success is inevitable for businesses who blog.

In conclusion, let me present you some stats: About 55% – 60% of businesses who blog about their company actually acquire more clients. Why? Because of the reasons that we have listed above.

Making your company, your business, your products and your services known through blogging make things more informal and personal for consumers.

By doing this, you reach out to clients all over the world and create loyal customers who spread good words about you in their own circles as well.

If you come to think about it, blogging is actually the best way of making your business succeed. Use this power wisely and you will certainly make your business stand out among competitors.

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